Christmas Tree Plantation "Beaver Reserve"

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New - sale of areas with Christmas tree - great price!

  • Wholesale sale of Christmas tree: entire lodgings - very attractive price!
    The number of Christmas tree in the areas unit is 2800 pieces Price for a Christmas tree 1,20-2,60m =4 GBP/pcs!!!

Pre-season wholesale of Christmas tree - promotional prices!

  • We are already signing preliminary agreements for sale
    for a large wholesale
    - Sales at promotional prices -minus 25%
    Only until August 1

Small wholesale (under 500pcs) as always with an extra bonus!

  • Signing, now, pre-order up to 500pcs, we reward the price lower than the standard seasonal price, for a small wholesale, by 20%
    Only until August 1

Our Plantation of live Christmas tree

is a medium sized family farm that we founded in 2006. The cultivation of Christmas tree is carried out on a scale that allows us to perform all care treatments - thanks to this, our Christmas tree warehouse quickly gained recognition among customers in the country and abroad!

Christmas is a special time, a time when it's worth being together!

The laureate of our 2014 contest wrote about this special time:

Christmas is a range of wonderful memories for me ... In childhood, it was the smell of gingerbread, cabbage with mushrooms, oranges... In adult life, it grew stronger. It's a time to summarize your life over the past year, or have I done something good for others, for myself. Wishes, spoken with great conviction in THIS TIME, have great power ...:
I wish myself and everyone to (...) look around.
Maybe the magic of Christmas will make our dreams come true?
Those big ones and those very tiny ones ....

Merry, wonderful Christmas, fragrant gingerbread,
Christmas tree and family warmth
... because this is the magic of Christmas!
Christmas Tree Plantation Beaver Reserve - 'Most Beautiful Christmas Tree' competition

2017 - the most beautiful Christmas tree contest!

Cooperation with plantation

We remain at your disposal when organizing the purchase, solving all issues related to the planning of the purchase, the organization of the place of sale, etc. The family tradition of our plantation is a guarantee of your success!

Cooperation calendar

orders, contracts, confirmations, visits
Wholesale sale of Christmas tree - here you will find a cooperation schedule: deadlines for orders for Christmas tree, visits to plantations, signing contracts and order fulfillment!

Cooperation with Plantation is carried out according to the schedule, determi- ned by the vegetation cycle and care treatments necessary to obtain the perfection of Christmas tree intended for sale.

Stock Market

Report free space for trading Christmas tree
We invite you to cooperate with shopping malls, hypermarkets, etc. - here you can report areas for seasonal trade - live Christmas tree!

Responsible for the economy and management of free spaces designated for Christmas tree trade, we invite you to cooperation! We will publish the submitted offers on the stock exchange!

Stand and equipment

our possibilities work for you
We will design a banner for you that makes it easier to mark the place of sale of Christmas tree

Distinctive marking of the place of sale is a condition of success - with us you can buy banners according to an individual project. We also offer a different assortment useful at the stand with Christmas tree!

Christmas trees sale - Fast contact


Wholesale Christmas trees sale - Thanks to the form below, you can place your order quickly and safely - you will receive confirmation from our Christmas Tree Plant as soon as possible!

Photo albums from our plantation

Below you can see our plantation, photographed at different times of the year.

seedlings and cuttings of Christmas tree - picea pungens and norwegian spruce!

Christmas tree from planting to ...

Planting material is obtained from seeds. Seedlings burst after a year and the next two to three years grow before planting. The next five years grow in the 1.2x1.2 spacing, and we cultivate them, form and mow between rows […]

plantation of Christmas tree - Christmas tree in spring

Your plantation spring

The fastest vegetation is spring. From April, buds break and quickly turn into fluffy bracts of young whorls. They most often fall victim to pests and fungi. The period from April to June is intensified care treatments on the Christmas tree plantation […]

Christmas tree plantation in a winter scenery

Christmas tree in a winter robe

Plantation of Christmas tree in the winter scenery is the period when the buzz is silent - silence falls on the plantation, interrupted only by the wind blowing in the branches. The period of late winter is not associated with any treatments. […]

Ask a question about wholesale Christmas trees - happy to answer.

Other users will be able to take part in the discussion - only live Christmas tree!

Wholesale Christmas trees in 2018

Plantation Christmas Tree 'Beaver Reserve' as a proven supplier of Christmas trees, we supply supermarkets, wholesalers, Christmas tree shops, garden centers and much more in Christmas trees. We sell Norwegian spruce called in Poland common, spruce prickly, from the color of needles called silver and pine. We offer Christmas trees cut, dug and transplanted into pots, and decorative branches. On the website of our plantation website you will find more information on how to prepare trees for sale and how to buy them. Cutting, transplanting Christmas tree is done as late as possible to ensure their freshness at Christmas. Norway Spruce - in Poland known as Norway spruce is the basic assortment of our offer - is a traditional Christmas tree with very attractive, delicate needles and a unique aroma of essential oils, traditionally associated with Christmas! The durability of spruce needles is comparable to that of fir, although spruce is green! If it is set in one of the water racks offered by our Plantation, it will look perfectly throughout the holiday season. It is a tree ideal for traditionalists and outdoor exhibitions. Do you have a Christmas tree shop, a flower shop or a supermarket stall? Our offer is just for you! By building relationships with wholesale customers throughout Europe, we are proud that we deliver first-class Christmas tree and related high-quality services. Our Christmas tree come mainly from our Christmas Tree Plantation, but also from Denmark, for example. We are above all a wholesaler supplying customers with Christmas tree and products necessary for retail sales. Seasonally, from the end of November, we offer Christmas tree also to retail customers who have the opportunity to visit our headquarters in Chomin in order to buy Christmas tree. We have a large selection of tree with a height of 1 to 5m. In Chomino, near Kamień Pomorski, we load previously contracted Christmas tree, which wholesale buyers can designate on our plantation or designate them themselves, marking with company labels. You can also order Christmas tree stands with an irrigation tank. Cheap, light, easy to use and keeping the Christmas tree fresh. For years, we have been looking for a way to safely set up the Christmas tree. Now we have a solution - ideal for both retail and home use. In our assortment you will find a Christmas tree stand that fits every Christmas tree and every budget. At the beginning of December, we begin retailing real Christmas tree for the local population, in our plantation in Chomina. We set up a tent and play Christmas music so that customers can walk freely and choose a live Christmas tree in a festive atmosphere. Our retail clients have two options this year. "Choose and we'll cut" - this is another season in Chomino, in which we show how the Christmas tree grow on the plantation. Take your wellies with you and be prepared to walk on the fields. Enjoy the attraction of choosing your own Christmas tree growing in the field, and one of our experienced employees will mark it for you and cut it out before the holidays itself! Alternatively, you can visit the plantation a few days before Christmas, choose a Christmas tree and we will cut it for you and pack it in a net and take it to the car. You can take the Christmas tree with your own transport or arrange a delivery to your home (only in the area and depending on availability) near Christmas.